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Linear Equations in Two Variables


Class 9th/10th: in Class 9th Chapter 5th and class 10th 1st Chapter Linear Equations in Two Variables. You don't know How to solve Linear Equations in Two Variables? What is that? then You are in right place, So must watch this video continue & get all answers. In this topic, we introduce this Chapter. How to identify the simple equations and Linear Equations in one variable or two variables. How to solve this equation with simple methods and tricks. So must watch this video and Practice it for more understanding and Learn these Methods

Linear Equations in Two Variables2021-12-06T11:55:47+05:30

Parallel Lines & Transversal P-II


Hello Everyone, Welcome to Sankalp Science Educare. I am Shankar Vaidya... Today we are studying Parallel Lines and Transversal. In this video 8th Maths Chapter 2 Parallel Lines and Transversal Lecture II By Shankar sir Maharashtra board. In this video, we will study how the basic as well as foundation knowledge about Parallel Lines and transversal. and Property of Fromed angles by Two Parallel Lines and Transversal. Corresponding Angles. Alternate Angles, Interior Angles these all Learn with easy methods and Some of the Simplest tricks.

Parallel Lines & Transversal P-II2021-12-06T11:40:17+05:30

Square and Square Roots


How to write square and square roots simple methods are shown here. Friends any Number we multiply by its self then the new value becomes a square of that Number. Ex.       Squares (1)2 =  1 x 1 = 1                                                       (2)2 = 2 x 2 = 4                                                      (3)2 = [...]

Square and Square Roots2021-11-01T18:22:26+05:30

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